My name is Timothy Bouldry (www.TimothyBouldry.com) and I have been photographing and campaigning about a serious issue that is at a global level, extreme poverty and cleaning the environment. I work particularly with communities that are dependent on landfills in impoverished areas of the world. I believe these people provide an important public service that should be recognized, not just locally, but globally. I believe that in a world in a race to advance itself, it is important to not only build new things – it is even more important to care for and nurture people and regions that already exist and have been destabilized as a result of this advancement.

Understanding this, it seemed logical to dream of a model that would empower these communities, but at the same time, clean up these unregulated or semi-regulated landfills to help our environment. 

During my reach out to connect with people and organizations who are willing to work with both, not just the landfill but also the waste pickers (or informal recyclers, as I like to refer to them as), I crossed paths with Em[POWER] Energy Group. This is an organization who is truly sensitive to both the humanitarian and environmental issues at hand. They possess the knowledge, tools and passion to help heal and strengthen areas in the world that need to be supported from the ground up. It only seemed obvious to me to join this team and build our idea faster.

More about www.empowerenergygroup.org

Em[POWER] seeks to revitalize waste scavenging communities throughout the world using a modular and scalable cooperative development model based on renewable resources. By coordinating and streamlining the waste utilization process of waste scavengers, the Em[POWER] model will improve the sorting efficiency of recyclables, turn organic waste and waste water into electricity, create high quality compost, and provide the nucleus for a host of community-owned businesses. This will in turn provide community access to electricity, enhance educational opportunities, improve local health, and raise worker wages, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste overflow. By having a series of autonomous co-op units around the world, Em[POWER], as an umbrella organization can help them access markets which require scale for entry. Our overarching vision is to convert a form of poverty into a mechanism that can be used by a community to improve their living conditions and allow them to make a positive contribution to society.

Please watch the video to understand a complete visual and audible experience of these concepts. Your contribution is equally appreciated, as it is needed. 

Currently, we have a new project in Nicaragua called, Project NICA. I am living in Managua and and working directly with the landfill community living at La Chureca. Our proejcts are divided into three sections: 1. Environmental, 2. Healthcare, 3. Educational

We are employing the local communtiy to help us work on various Environmental projects including using Earth Bricks for building, water clean up and gardening.

For Healthcare, we are collaborating with local clinics to promote them and search for funding and resources. We also hope to expand the clinic using our Earth Block project.  

I am teaching the local communtiy English and Yoga (Los Guerreros Pacificos "Peaceful Warriors"), as well as, a Creative Acting Project that involves the children in small comedic, novela-styled skits. 

Thank you for taking the time to review this campaign. 


Timothy Bouldry